About Biomet

Who are we?

Biomet is a collective of shipping and freight forwarding professionals who aim to provide actionable advice for everyone from business owners to individuals who need help getting their products moved throughout the country and throughout the world.

Our team have years of experience in the industry, and have worked in everything from cross-country trucking to international freight forwarding and customs brokering.

We know that there are a lot of questions out there regarding specifics of moving products, and we aim to answer the most common among them here on this blog.

Whether you are a local bakery who wants to figure out the most effective way to get your products to your store, or an e-commerce business owner who has questions about Customs, we are the place to turn to!

We will often interview active shipping companies, and be able to provide information from the people who move hundreds of thousands of tonnes of goods across the world yearly.

Hope you enjoy!