Easy Ways for Businesses to Save on Shipping

Simple Ways for Small Businesses to Save on Shipping

If you own a small business, then you have to wear a lot of hats. You’re chief executive, head chef, financial operator, late shift manager, and head toilet cleaner all at once (okay, hopefully not chef and bathroom scrubber at the same time!).

The point is, regardless of what type of business you own, the struggle is real for small businesses. There is a lot to do and you usually don’t have the revenue to hire enough people to do all the little tasks for you, especially in the early days. If you’re running an e-commerce store, brick-and-mortar shop with online sales, or any other business model that involves shipping goods on the regular, then one area where you can easily streamline your procedures while also cutting costs is shipping.
So let’s take a look at some simple ways for small businesses to save on shipping so that you have more money to reinvest in the business (or better yet, pay yourself!).

Use the Correct Size Packaging

You wouldn’t believe how much extra you could be paying just because you are using a box that’s bigger than you need. Sure, maybe it’s only fifty cents more for the next size up, but multiply that by 500 items shipped over a few months and you’ve just flushed $250 down the drain. Most carriers now choose the highest price between weight and dimensions, so spend time to experiment with your most commonly shipped item sizes in order to find the best packaging for you. Finding a freight forwarder Los Angeles can help dramatically with this process, as they will be able to not only advise you on the best shipping processes, but assist with everything from Customs to storage.

Set the Right Shipping Charges

According to Packair, pretty much every shipping company will provide you with a small business specialist who can help you establish the proper fees for your most commonly shipped items, as well as assess other shipping needs for your company. One of the most common faults of new business owners is not capitalizing on the know-how of these experts.

If you aren’t charging enough from your customers for shipping, then you might actually be losing money on every packaged shipped depending on your margins. Additionally, your small business specialist will help you discover exactly what services you need in order to minimize your carrier fees without sacrificing quality of delivery.

Use Pre-paid Shipping for Bulk Discounts

If you buy pretty much anything in bulk, you can get a discount. The same goes for shipping. Once you have a good idea of what your most common shipments are, consider buying pre-paid labels en masse from your carrier, which could save you as much as 20% if you are using one of the big names like FedEx or UPS. Pre-paid labels will also streamline your packaging process because they literally involve just slapping a sticker on to the box.

It’s hectic running a business, and little things like shipping are easily overlooked. Do yourself a favor. Set aside three hours next week just to devote to re-imagining your fulfillment process. Implement these simple steps and start saving on shipping.

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